Central European Multimedia and Virtual Reality Conference 2006

6-8 November 2006 , Eger, Hungary


Getting to the place of the conference is easy, just follow the recommended ways. We recommend travelling by train to get form Budapest to Eger. The next few options are the best we think.

  1. Getting fomr Budapest International Airport (also known as Ferihegy-2) to the Eastern Railway Station (Keleti Pályaudvar) is easy. You could use the Airport Minibus Service, it costs 2300 HUF per person. If you are coming together it just makes no sense to use the Airport Minibus because a new authorized Zona Taxi company having a fixed price 3500 HUF (13 EUR) can take you to Keleti railway station any time. See also: http://www.bud.hu/english/transport/taxi/?article_hid=1270http://www.bud.hu/english/transport/taxi/?article_hid=1270
  2. The next step is getting form Keleti to Eger with train. We recommend using InterCity trains. The scheduling of the trains can be found on the website of the Hungarian Railways Company. See also: http://www.elvira.hu/elvira.dll/uf?ed=06.10.16&i=BUDAPEST&e=Eger&v=&mikor=06.11.02&d=&isz=0&u=51&x=82&y=24

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